my aspiring in April re-view

cards : : my friend t. gifted me with a bag o’ Pocket Pals at holiday time. on the “Pal” card in my pocket this month was an image of a cowgirl wearing a red dress + beside her these words were written, “It’s your life / you get to / choose.”

holidays : : read about my “Full Moon * Passover * Easter holidays” here.

films : : The Calling, My Week with Marilyn + Twilight: breaking dawn, part 1.

first + last : : my last Sunday morning/early afternoon date with my exuberant friend, K. we’ve been Sunday tea/brunch dating weekly for over 2 years. mid-month she was Brooklyn-bound. there are all kinds of firsts for me, her + us these days. one recent first for us was our first Skype date the last Sunday in April, a new way of communin’ regularly.

new love : : Instagram!

play : : play dates with my favorite 9 year old, E! we spent most of our play date at the top of the month outdoors. while i walked + E scooted  {+ climbed a favorite tree} she told me about her art exhibit, Science Fair {she one first prize for her grade!}, birthday party, favorite number + the April Fool’s joke her teacher played on her third grade class. we had a little celebration of E’s March birthday with frozen yogurt {topped with Oreo cookie crumbles + mango} + some bubble blowin’/wish makin’. our play date in the middle of the month was all about working on a fun project for her {spring break} soccer camp with scissors, pencils, markers, crayons + a tape dispenser in hand.

podcast : : i’ve been listening to Jen Lee’s Retrospective podcast with Maya Stein over + over + over again.

recipes : : i want to make Collard Wraps with Sweet Pea Hummus and Quinoa + cauliflower crust pizza with fried eggs.

restaurant : : two visits to Organic Garden Cafe. the first, on Fire Engine Red Friday. the second, on a springtime sunny seventy degree Saturday with my minister-neighbor-friend, Betty.

rockin’ my world : : i accept responsibility for the state of my own mind. i am the source of my confusion + my enlightenment. this is such good news! “We have to accept responsibility for the state of our own mind; it doesn’t work to blame others for our confusion or expect them to encourage or confirm us in our practice. We have to look at ourselves as the source of our own confusion – and our own enlightenment.” ~ Sakyong Mipham {from Turning the Mind into an Ally}

routine : : working with/practicing the Nia R1 routine . the focus of this routine is “connection.” and, the intention is “to cultivate a deeper relationship with ourselves, others and the natural environment through movement” {quote from here}.

teaching : : a teaching offered by a teacher at my local meditation center: “Know where you are.”

training : : a Good Manners class for me + the doggie wonder at the Animal Rescue League with lots o’ training happening at home + in the ‘hood.

tunes : : i finished volume 8 of my in tune tunes. each volume of in tune tunes is a work of art, a collection of tunes currently tucked in my heart pocket, singin’ + dancin’ me home. “Jai Ho” {meaning “Victory to Thee!”} is one of the tunes on volume 8. listen + dance to “Jai Ho” here.

visits : : a “Magical Monday Morning” visit with two of my favorites, L-Wonder + C-Rose. also, i spent time planning for visits. in May, a visit with family + friends-who-are family. in June, a visit with Laura.

wisdom : :  a few gems from Debbie Rosas’ talk at The Inspiring Women Summit 10 April 2012: “To live inside a woman’s body is to live in pleasure.”; “My body is dedicated to me.”; and, “To look at [my]self as art … A woman’s life is her canvas.”

words : : “g” words: gladness, greatness, green + growth.

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