PRACTICEview #6: Stefanie Reneé

This interview is part of a series entitled, PRACTICEviews. Approximately every four to six weeks, I interview an individual about one of his/her practices and post it here.

My use of the word practice refers to something one observes that cultivates presence {being with}, connection {being related, joined or united}, reverence {being in awe} and inspiration {being infused with breath and life}.

The intention of each interview is to provide you, dear reader, with a vivid and engaging view of how one’s practice takes shape in his/her world.

Today’s PRACTICEview is with Stefanie Reneé. Stef is an eyes-wide-open seeker of beauty, lover of the world and practitioner of presence. I trust you will appreciate taking in the view below through Stef’s offering of words about her practice of photography.

What specific practice will you be sharing about today?


Please tell us about this practice. Describe what this practice looks like for you. How it takes shape in your life?

I try to take my camera with me everywhere to capture the moments in my life; whether they be with my children, friends or just walking down the street. I try to find the beauty everywhere and take it with me … through my camera.

What is the purpose/intention of this practice for you?

To be present, to again find the beauty around me. It slows me down since I seem to always be running from one thing to the next.

How often do you practice this practice?

Most every day.

How long has this practice been a part of your life?

To this degree … about 2 years, but overall, the last 6 years.

How did this practice begin for you?

I’ve always enjoyed photography, but when I started blogging in 2004 I started really documenting the world around me and that increased over the years and, of course, by having my two daughters.When I was working a full-time office job I made it a point to get out of the office and photograph on my lunch hours, before and after work. Anything to keep creativity in my life. It fed me in ways my job really couldn’t.

How do you maintain this practice?

I am trying to find more and more ways to do it differently, whether it be a different lens, a different way I use my camera, daily prompts from others, keeping it exciting. Possibly bringing my photography into artwork is my next venture I think.

What challenges {opportunities for growth/expansion} have you faced in cultivating this practice?

The biggest challenge I think has been getting in my own way, comparing myself to others and getting down on myself for what I don’t know or don’t feel I’m good enough at. But then I realize that I see the world differently than anyone else and that my photography is different and a part of ME. It has helped me see myself in a new way as well.

What do you cherish about this practice?

Oh, I just so love capturing the tiniest of flowers found on the side of a sidewalk or my daughter’s expression when she’s learning to ride her bike. Or, it can be a bike locked up to a tree in the city … I just love watching what the world is going to offer me up. My eyes are always open to new and exciting views.

What impact has this practice had on your daily life and living?

I try to keep myself present and not go looking for the “next” thing, I want to stay present and be with what is in front of me. It has made me slow down and realize how much I love the world around me and what it has to offer. It has helped me appreciate the small things in my life.

Stefanie Reneé loves photography, sitting with friends drinking tea and roaming the streets to find the beauty. Stef is a founder of Teahouse Studios and a blogger.  You can follow her on Twitter.

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    try to keep myself present and not go looking for the “next” thing amen sister… great interview, thanks for bringing us some more of Stef!

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